Our vision for soccer shoes

Our vision for soccer shoes

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Imotana Vision

Soccer is our life

The founders of team IMOTANA are absolutely crazy about soccer - just like you!

We have been professionals in the German Bundesliga or amateurs in the sunday league all our lives. And we have fevered from Sunday to Sunday.

But the longer we played for our teams and the more soccer boots we had tried during that time, we asked ourselves:

Why do soccer boots not perfectly fit and why does everyone play with the same designs? 

Every human is different and has a unique anatomy.

But no matter what shape your foot is, the shoes always have the same fit.

We were annoyed that the look of a certain model was really cool but they just did not our feet.

We are here to change that!

Our vision: Every soccer player plays with his individual soccer shoe.

  • A shoe that fits 100%.
  • And looks the way you want it to look.

Because only with the perfect equipment you can be the best version of yourself

At IMOTANA, we aim to achieve this vision through the most advanced technologies available in the market:

  • Face Scan technology in your smartphone that creates an accurate 3D model of your foot.
  • Artificial intelligence that calculates the perfect last shape for you.
  • A high-end 3D configurator that lets you visualize your soccer shoe and customize all the details.
3D-Konfigurator IMOTANA

We have had the idea in our heads for a long time. We have already created the technology and connected it.

We already have a first prototype in our hands.

Now it's a matter of breathing life into our idea and bringing it to market.

Until then, however, there is still a long way to go, which we want to do together with you and all passionate soccer players worldwide.

Together we can do it!

IMOTANA is a project to be brought to life together with the community.

We need your feedback and input to make the shoes perfect:

  1. Which colors do you like?
  2. What details are important to you?
  3. What would amaze you about a soccer shoe?

It is our goal that we take you along on our journey and actively involve you in the development of the soccer shoes.

You get insights into the development, discuss the current status of our prototypes and can help decide how the shoe should look like in the end.

Through Instagram, you can participate in polls or send us messages about what we can improve.

Become part of our revolution and develop the soccer shoe of the future together with us!

We are a team!

20 Kommentare

  • Billy Easby

    Comfort is key, being able to personalised colours would be cool.

  • Burhan

    Grade bei mir ist es der Fall, das ich mir nicht einfach Schuhe aussuchen kann. Da ich einen verdammt breiten fuss habe. Daher ideal!!!

  • werner

    Hallo, das ist super so einen Schuh zu erstellen, die Frage schlecht hin ist natürlich was kostet so ein passgenauer Schuh ?
    Gruß werner

  • werner

    Hallo, das ist super so einen Schuh zu erstellen, die Frage schlecht hin ist natürlich was kostet so ein passgenauer Schuh ?
    Gruß werner

  • Daniela

    Hallo, meine Tochter (12 Jahre) liebt Sockenschuhe mit ghost lash.

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